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How Texas Future Project Works

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Founded in 2013, the Texas Future Project (TFP) galvanizes funders – individuals and institutions, at the state and national level – around an investment strategy to win electoral and governing power in Texas. TFP is the only organization in the state with a birds-eye-view of the landscape of organizations in the field and drives a strategy around the highest performing among them that is accountable and impactful.


Texas Future Project (TFP) envisions a progressive Texas at all levels actively passing policy that benefits everyone in our state and meets the complex needs of our diverse and growing population. We envision a Texas that is a beacon for the rest of the country on how to build lasting progressive power.

Our model is simple, scalable, and successful. 

We identify, vet, and recommend organizations that are deeply immersed in power-building work within their communities. Our members invest in these recommended organizations to build their programs to scale and catalyze their growth. Through this effort, we promote alignment among groups, supporting work that encourages collaboration, minimizes redundancy, and makes a greater impact statewide. 

Our effort is collaborative.

The organizations that we recommend are in this fight together and they understand that no one strategy, organization, or issue will build true equity within our communities. It’s a collective effort. They understand the necessity of being strong allies, being intentionally intersectional in the policies and reforms for which they are advocating, and building power to elect progressive, reflective leaders who are accountable to the communities they serve. 

Our work has deep roots.

The organizations we support are rooted in the communities where they work and develop strong year-in, year-out relationships. This isn’t more get-out-the-vote and gone. This is campus and community-centered, long-term power building within underrepresented communities.

The future looks bright. 

Texas is changing, and our recommended groups are rapidly accelerating the pace of change. 


We believe that the work of state-based,
civic engagement organizations is foundational to creating and sustaining progressive change in Texas.


  • Our work seeks to improve the lives of all Texans.

  • We are giving the voices of real Texans more impact in our democracy.

  • We uplift the narrative of everyday Texans and the work they are doing to build progressive change.

  • We bring together people who want to be helpful and people working for change.

  • We are raising awareness of the work being done on the ground.

  • Our work bridges the gap between groups who don’t work in the same communities.

  • The work we do is always data driven.

  • We make decisions to maximize effectiveness.

  • Our work is transformative, consequential, and profound.

  • We are honest and direct in all our communications.

  • Our objectives are clear and accessible.

  • Where money comes from and where it is going is easily seen.

  • We work with a diverse set of groups, established and new, large and small.

  • We are making democracy in Texas more reflective of our diverse population, and work with groups

  • who are working to make that happen.

  • We work to meet the complex needs of our diverse and growing state.

  • We uphold our high standards in all of our actions.

  • We seek to best serve all who work with us in their efforts to strengthen the progressive movement in Texas.

  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

  • We understand that the needs of everyday Texans change and are prepared to address changes as they come.

  • We will adjust to the needs of organizations doing on the ground work with the same agility they use to serve communities.

  • We are willing to try new things to expand our reach.

  • Our work is focused on long-term change, not only short term victories.

  • We are trying to engage as many people as possible.

  • We seek to increase the number of people fighting for progress in Texas.

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