Our members have invested more than $50 million in TFP’s 16 partner organizations


TFP members and aligned funders invested more than $14 million in supported organizations during the 2020 election 
TFP-supported groups reached over 4.4 million voters and…
Turned out 2.2 million Texas voters or 1 out of every 5 Texas voters 
  • Targeted and reached 43% of all unlikely voters and turned out 38% of these voters statewide
  • Inspired the next generation of voters to make their mark; voters under the age of 34 made up 60% of the new votes cast in 2020 
  • Worked to close the voter gap in the Presidential race to 5.6% which is the closest democrats have come to winning Texas in 26 years
  • Inspired Texans to come within 26,000 votes of taking control of the State House


We will
Strengthen long-term infrastructure to keep Texas on the battleground map in 2024 and beyond
Support state based organizations and our national partners in their goal to register more than 500,000 first time Texas voters and turnout over 1.2 million voters
Raise and align $25 million for the statewide progressive ecosystem